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Grow your business
THeEats by THGO 

THeEats is an order and delivery management platform that instantly connects customers with your storefront. Built on the power of TH's network, we help merchants grow sales, reach more customers, and build their online brand.


Serve more customers

THeEats platform makes it easy to reach and serve more customers with deliverypickup, and online ordering services. Over 80% of businesses surveyed said that offering delivery generated incremental sales for them.*


Stand out from the crowd

In-app marketing helps you grow your business. Around 25% of customers surveyed said that they spent more on off-premise orders.* Flexible tools like virtual restaurants expand your delivery options.


Build your brand

Restaurant-specific food delivery is expected to rise from year to year — and we can help you meet that demand.** Connect with customers using Stories, Instagram integration, and more.

Who we serve


Adding delivery and pickup options to your business can increase sales volume and help you reach new customers. Even if you’re already profitable, THeEats opens up a new revenue channel without adding foot traffic or cutting into takeout revenue.

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Grocery stores

In parts of the world, online grocery orders increased 200% after March 2020, with 61% of online grocery customers willing to pay more for it than they did previously.** Whether you run a neighborhood bakery or a supermarket, THeEats helps take the hassle out of online ordering and delivery.

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Liquor stores and convenience stores

Consumer demand for online alcohol delivery is up more than 300%.** The THeEats platform can bring your stock online and make order fulfillment simple. We can empower you with insights, so you know the right products to carry in your store.

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